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3 layers heat shrinkable sleeves on Oil /Gas steel Pipeline anti-Corrosion Coating

May 08, 2017

3 layers heat shrinkable sleeves on Oil /Gas steel Pipeline anti-Corrosion Coating


Three-layer heat shrinkable sleeve is designed for welding joint protection with epoxy primer of plastic coated steel pipelines. It has a thick cross linked polyethylene backing coated with heat sensitive adhesive and two part of liquid epoxy primer. Apply epoxy primer to the pipe surface, then adhesive flows and forms a reliable corrosion protection seal onto epoxy and adjacent coating surfaces. After heating, formed corrosion protection seal and strong backing provides outstanding waterproofing effect and high chemical resistance.

During installation, the epoxy is applied to the prepared pipe surface thenwrap the heat shrinkable sleeve around the joint over the wet epoxy immediately. then applied to the sleeve which shrinks to form a tight fit around the joint. While curing, the epoxy forms strong mechanical and chemical bonds to the pipe surface & to the copolymer adhesive layer. The radiation cross linked outer layer forms a tough barrier against mechanical damage and moisture transmission.

Feature of 3 layers heat shrinkable sleeves
Fast shrinkage speed, good waterproof performance, good anti-corrosive performance, long service life, convenient transportation and fast construction. The product are ideal material for corrosion prevention and insulation.

Qingdao Huashida Machineries has 13 years in manufacture heat shrinkable sleeves. The products have been exported to U.A.E. Iraq, Iran, Russia. We have special formula for different customers. We will be glad to solve any questions on heat shrinkable sleeves during the installation on the site.