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Function of each layer of 3PE anti corrosion steel pipe

Jun 28, 2017

The three-layer PE anticorrosion structure includes fusion  bonded epoxy-powder bottom layer, polymer adhesive middle layer and polyethylene top layer. 

The epoxy powder is a kind of thermosetting nontoxic coating, forming the high molecular weight cross-linking structure coating after solidifying, fearuring good chemical anticorrosion and higher mechanical properties. 

The function of epoxy-powder bottom layer is to form continuous coating, providing excellent adhesion by agglutinating and  solidifying the steel tube surface with good chemical reisstance and cathodic disbanding resistance. 

The function of polymer adhesive is to agglutinate the epoxy powder before gelation, and to agglutinate the polyethylene top layer, which unites all three layers together. 

The three-layer PE process, with the epoxy powder coating as bottom layer, binding and bunding through  polyethylene PE and adhesive, is widely used in anticorrosion of steel pipes at home and abroad, and applied to the oil pipeline and gas pipeline, as well as to the gas supply and water supply for civil use. 

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