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Heat shrinkable sleeve (HSSC1)

Apr 21, 2017

Heat shrinkable sleeve (HSSC-1)

Huashida Heat shrinkable sleeve (2 layers), which is developed and manufactured by Qingdao Huashida machinery Co., Ltd for anti-corrosion of pipeline, Radiation cross-linked polyethylene backing and high shearing strengthen melt adhesive. The hot melt adhesive is squeezed into the joint by the shrink power to form a perfectly sealed surface, after being heated. HSSC-1 is compatible with standard pipe coating, also can be used for coating bare, replacement pipe section and large redius.


Feature of heat shrinkable sleeve:
Fast shrinkage speed, good waterproof performance, good anti-corrosive performance, long service life, convenient transportation and fast construction. The product is ideal material for corrosion prevention and insulation.


The heat shrinkable sleeve is widely used in 3pe pipeline joint. pre-insulated pipe joint protecting.