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High density polyethylene main uses

Dec 20, 2016

1 injection molding products: containers, bottle caps, barrels, caps, food containers, trays, bins, boxes, and plastic flowers

2 blow-molded: blow moulding products, various series such as blow molding barrels, containers, bottles, containing cleaning agents, chemicals, cosmetics, fuel tank, and other daily necessities. Also blown film products such as food packaging bags, groceries shopping bag, lined with thin film of chemical fertilizer.

3 extrusion products: pipes, pipe fittings are mainly used in gas transportation, public water supply and transportation of chemicals, such as building drainage pipes, gas pipes, hot water pipes, etc: sheets are mainly used for the seats, suitcases, transporting containers.

4 rotational molding: injection molded products such as large containers, storage tanks, barrels, boxes, and so on.