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High density polyethylene recycling

Dec 20, 2016

HDPE plastic raw material recycling part of the fastest-growing markets. Largely because of its easy processing, there is minimal degradation characteristics and application of the packing. Main recycling is 25% of recycled materials, such as post-consumer recycled (PCR), after processing with pure HDPE used in the manufacture of no contact with food bottles.

The process in the, aggregate reaction solvent for are has n-, catalyst for high activity z-N catalyst, vinyl and hydrogen mixed Hou into first reactor, and catalyst mixed occurred aggregate reaction, reactor within polymer to silt pulp form suspended in has been n-in the, aggregate temperature about for 80 ℃, aggregate pressure is less than 10 bar, this process can production products density range for 0.942~0.965 g/cm3, melting index range for 0.2~80, copolymer monomer for c dilute and butene 11, Production of traditional bimodal HDPE and HDPE, high density pipe performance, suitable for the production of pressurized pipe, to PE100+.