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Hollow Wall Spiral Winding Pipes Production Line (HDPE)

May 03, 2017

HDPE Spiral Pipe Production Line

Production description:        

Huashida also improved the structure and layout of the HDPE Spiral Pipe Production Line, the melt extruder and winding machine into one, to facilitate the installation and operation, saving space, according to different regions, different specifications of the Yinjing and The customer is tailored to the different needs of the pipe. This pipe equipment production of the winding pipe.

application areas: 

full-diameter series of winding pipe is widely used in municipal drainage, sewage, rain, water and other drainage pipe network, but also used in low-pressure water pipe network, agricultural irrigation, network.


Q:Are you rading company or manufacture?

A:We are manufacturer.


Q:How about the warranty?

12 months.During a warranty period of exploitation the seller undertakes to execute warranty service of  the equipment, except for breakings, bound with incorrect exploitation of equipment by the buyer.

Q: What is the delivery time for the machines?

A: Usually it will be 50-60 days according the situation of the order.

HDPE hollow wall corrugated pipe production line