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Why we use inner epoxy coating to protect steel pipe?

May 31, 2018

Why we use inner epoxy coating to protect steel pipe?


According to different coating processes, Epoxy powder can be divided into ordinary types of epoxy powder and pipe-specific epoxy powder. 

Because the epoxy powder is a thermosetting powder. Its activity is directly related to heating temperature. And the reaction temperature of the epoxy powder is divided into two kinds: gelatinization temperature and curing temperature. The temperature is lower gelation than the curing. During thegelation process, the coating is only melted and leveled, and no curing reaction occurs. It must continue to heat up the epoxy coating again in the prescribed time to be fully cured.When the epoxy powder reaches the curing temperature, it reacts with the steel pipe matrix to form a strong bond. At the same time, the epoxy resin is also a kind of high corrosion resistance polymer material. The dense coating has good resistance to penetration.