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Method of heat shrink tape at the steel pipe underground

Nov 20, 2017

Method of heat shrink tape at the steel pipe underground

First, use a wire brush or cloth to remove pipe joints sand. 

Second, heat the pipe seamless place to 90 degrees, at which brush the primer. 

Third, with a gas spray gun uniform heat shrinkable tape, take a circle at the weld, the interface sticky.

Fourth, heat the patch, stuck in the heat shrinkable lap department. 

Fifth, with a gas spray gun heating, heating the shrink sleeve from the middle along the circumferential direction, first to make the middle of the contraction, then heat shrink from the middle to both ends. Note that the heating should be evenly, and gradually move forely, in the shrinking process. If bubbles or folds, crushed with a pressure roller to eliminate bubbles. Re-use the same method on the other end of the heat-shrinkable sleeve to shrink evenly, keeping in mind that direct fire can not be baked. 

Sixth, when contraction is completed, be carefully checked heat shrink sleeve, to ensure that hot melt adhesive overflow from the surrounding. If flawed, should be promptly heated and pressed with a roller grind.


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