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PE Electro Fusion Welding Sleeve

Mar 04, 2017



Expansion joint HDPE pipe Electro-fusion Belt

It is a kind of connecting fitting where is widely used on anti-corrosion, especially on directly buried pre-insulated pipes field joint. It is made by Polyethylene sheets embedding special nicochrome net with special techniques.

The connettion part has strong and High tensile strength. Could carry large shearing force. Strong environmental adaptability


1. District thermal heating system construction,
2. Pre-insulated pipes field joint welding and oil pipes joint welding;
3. Pre-insulated bonded pipe system for directly buried hot water networks;
4. Three PE/PP layers with foam jacket insulation pipes connection;
5. Steel pipes anti-corrosion etc.

1. Waterproof; High adhesive, good air-tightness, corrosion resistant capacity, long service life     

  and convenient operation.
2. Able to withstand axial forces initiated by axial movements of the pipe in the ground;
3.Narrow tape eleco-fusion welding along with the cutting seam of the pipe, ensure the strength

  of the joint of welding.

4. The same material and metl flow rate ensure the good effect of seal after electro-fusion

5. Light in weight, easily setting of parameters of electro-fusion welder.


Advice :

  As various condition limit, such as weather, geological condition and skill of the operator, it will affect the connection joint, in order to make sure the joint is sealed, we suggest to use “inside welding plus outside connecting” to connect the joint.


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