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PE/PP/PS/HIPS/ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

Feb 25, 2017


Basic Info.

PE/PP/PS/HIPS/ABS /PVC single extrusion one & multiple layer sheet co-extrusion line.
Application for
PE/ PP board low density,good sanitation performance,erosion resistance and heat resistance. it is widely used in chemical industry,erosion resistance projects.
ABS,HIPS  board is widely used at refrigerator industry such as the drawer, water container, door gallbladder.
PS electric sheet is mainly used at semi-conductor electron, computer comminication products, especially used at no dust, no static, power discharge protection and sheild of electromagnetic wave/fittings of radio frequency disturbance or machine package.

Product Description

This sheet/plate extrusion line is equipped three-roller calender,  high performance vented extruder,T-die mould, hydraulic screen change system,  cooling bracket, haul-off unit, cutting unit and etc.
This kind of line is suitable to produce PE/PP/PS/HIPS/ABS/PVC mono-layer and multi-layer sheet/plate with thickness of 0.2mm to 30mm and width of upto 3200mm.  
Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd has 14 years experience at manufacturing this type of machine, if you are instrested in it, you can contact with us 0532-80999080 or email to: sales@qdhsd.com