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PVC fiber reinforced braided hose Extrusion Line

May 16, 2017

PVC fiber reinforced braided hose Extrusion Line

PVC  fiber reinforced braided hose extrusion machine is also called gridding pipe extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, negative pressure resistance, bend resistance and good running, it is suitable for the conveying of gas, liquid. And it is mainly used in industry, agriculture, architecture, irrigation , gardening, car spray washing, floor cleaning and other daily life uses.



Specifications PVC Fiber Reinforced Braided Hose
1. Qualified hi-strength lucent fiber-wire, PVC synthetic/composite material
2. Crystal clear and transparent tubing body
3. Non-toxic, resistance to high pressure and long service time
4. Easily recycled and convenient for moving.


The extrusion line equipments  single extruder, torsion machine, cooling water bracket, hauling off unit, stacker ( winder)


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