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The specification of hand welding gun HJ-30B

Apr 12, 2018




HJ-30B extruder is a novel hand extruder developed by Huashida company through absorbing latest advanced technology based on years of experience.The technique date reach or exceed the foreign same products and fill up the blank of domestic market .Hot air preheating combine to extruding rods , structure reasonable , operate convenient , welding succession ,high efficient ,lager power of extrusion , improved the welding speed ,It’s the ideal tool to weld various thermoplasticity plastics products .


● The voltage rating stated in the name plate of the tool must correspond to the mains voltage and frequency.


● It will cause the fire if use it in a wrong way


● For personal protection on building sites we strongly recommend the too be connected to a RCCB(Residual Current Circuit Breaker).


● please don’t touch the welding nozzle and crust lest hurt Under High temperature state ..


● Protect tool from dampness and wet


● During using it ,carbon brush may bring spark ,can not use this machine in the having the flammability liquid , gas and solid …etc critical environment .


Structure drawing :


1 welding shoe (welding can begin once the operating temperature has been attained)


   ② set screw for the welding shoe (loosening the set screw for the welding shoe must confirm it be heated by the hot air blower first, then can change the welding shoe need.)

   ③ Screw cylinder


   ④ Cooling air hose


 ⑤ hot air blower (for heating screw cylinder)


    ⑥ air temperature potentiometer (show 0-9, the more higher gear the more hotter power . usually should uses 5 or 6 ,or under circumstances which reasonably adjust the plastucs softening )


    ⑦ hot air blower cable


⑧ drive unit


   ⑨ locking device drive on/off switch ( press this button , the drive continuous work ,stop after press it again )


  ⑩ main cable(Minimum cross-section 2.5mm)


  ⑾ extruder holder (the extruder should be put on the holder before use and after use so that the drive unit far away from sand and dust so as not to damaged.)

  ⑿ drive on/off switch


  ⒀ extrusion rate regulation potentiometer (there are ABCDEFG seven kinds of speed adjustment ,A is the slowest ,G is the fastest, normally used D and E ,drive unit


gear is more high ,then the hot air need more high .


 ⒁ alarm indication (there are three alarm status :1.drive unit high temperature alarm show red light ,the drive unit will self-motion power off ,protect extruder ,rotor and stator .the reason is that low heating temperature ,forced extrusion or extrusion speed is fast ,lower hot air ; 2.changed carton brush alarm ; 3. power-off protection alarm ,in case the power system restoration ,it can prevent the extruder automatically running ,the state show that red light is sparkling slow ,and at this time , just need to pull off the plug and pull it in again able to resume work.


⒂ handle of extruder


    ⒃ welding rod opening (forbid feed welding rods into both welding rod opening at the same time)


Technique specification : 





Power of extruder


Power of blower


Welding speed




Welding rods

Ø 2.5-3.5mm

Welding material



Applicable scope : 

- thermoplasticity plastics HDPE,PP,PVDF, especially for PE to develop characteristics -please don’t use it in PE-EL, it is able to makes machine Short circuit .


- welding the welding seam above 10mm width once


Application method: 

1. connect the main supply plug ,install the handle , put the welding gun to the holder . 

2. switch on the tool to 6 stall and heating about 10-12 minutes until the plastic softening out from the welding nozzle .Then drive unit be set to “D” or “E”, then press the drive on/off switch ,it will be start to work . new machine maybe noisy , the noisy will disappear after running-in. .

3. notice :pre-heating about 10 minutes can feed the welding rods .as per the material plastizised condition adjust reasonable the stall of hot air blower and drive unit ,usually, hot air blower use 6 stall and extruder use D or E stall.

4. please stop ,if the motor is difficult to run , maybe the screw’s temperature is too low . 

5. the welding rate ,material ,welding angle and the construction of the welding nozzle will effect the welding seam .the welding seam strength rely on hot air temperature and air flow ,usually sir temperature is 300 , the welding speed the more fast ,the need of the temperature the higher . 

6. when hot air moved with extruder ,the surface of the welded material become lost 

light .select the correct temperature for the welding strength is very important . 

7. the welding shoe must only be changed when the tool has attainted its operating temperature .work with temperature resistant gloves only .must not knock the welding shoe by force

8. the motor will automatically stop when the hot air welding gun carbon brush end of life .usually the useful life of original carbon is about 800 hours and the main carbon ‘ is 4-6 months ,please changed it in advance .

9. adjust the hot air temperature of hot air blower to “O” stall and cooling 5 minutes then can stop it .

10. the drive unit whenever shutting down ,in order to avoid the extruder screw damaging the screw

11. clean the welding nozzle before welding gun begin to work .



The range of products maintain:


1. electrical appliance guarantee 3 months and the machinery 6 month since delivery day

2. the machine will be considered as conformity if the buyer no questions within two days since receipt the machine .

3. the heater element ,welding nozzle ,carbon brush of the machine are the consume products ,not in the range of guarantee .

Especial notices


1. The workers time off must adjust the air temperature potentiometer to the lower stall so as to avoid damage to the hot air blower.

2. Three hours of continuous operation the machine should be cold air cool 5-10 minutes , and then restart.

3. Check power supply cold and plug for electrical and mechanical damage.