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Three Layer PE Anticorrosion of steel Technology

May 21, 2018

The three-layer PE anti-corrosion structure consists of: a sintered epoxy powder coating, a polymer adhesive intermediate layer, and a polyethylene surface layer.

     Epoxy powder is a kind of thermosetting non-toxic coating. After curing, it forms a coating with high molecular weight crosslinked structure. It has good chemical anti-corrosion properties and high mechanical properties.

     The role of the epoxy primer layer is to form a continuous coating film, which provides good adhesion through solidification with the surface of the steel pipe, and has good chemical resistance and anti-cathode stripping performance;

     The role of the polymer adhesive is to fuse the epoxy powder before it gels and bond it to the outside polyethylene layer to make the three layers together.

     The three-layer PE process is a corrosion protection process for steel pipelines commonly used at home and abroad, and is used in fields such as oil (gas), urban air supply and water supply.