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Vacuum calibrating pipe extrusion line

May 04, 2017

Vacuum calibrating pipe extrusion line

Basic Info

Style : PE-110-550,PE-365-760,PE-850-1680,PE-1055-2000

Main extruder: SJ-75×33,SJ-90×33,SJ-120×33SJ-150×33SJ-150×33

Installed power: 160kw,380kw,420kw,560kw,660kw

Capacity: 300-350kg/h,400-500kg/h,700-900kg/h,900-1100kg/h,1000-1300kg/h

Length: 34m,36m,40m,48m,54m  

Product Description

The company's equipment mainly extruder, nose, mold, vacuum sizing box, traction machine, planetary rotary cutting machine and other components. The production line adopts the segmented cooling and screw forced feeding system to realize the effect of high pressure quick feed, forced compression plasticization, middle and rear resistance reflow, and prolonged mixing section to realize high speed and stable extrusion. Recycled plastic processing.

Pre-insulated pipe feature

Control system

International professional PLC control system, intelligent integrated control, so that the production process is optimized.the overall operation is stable, reliable control performance, operation, maintenance, debugging more convenient, reducing the man-made operation errors, low failure rate, significantly improved processing accuracy, product performance To achieve upgrading, such as the configuration of the two production lines only five employees, you can meet the pipeline operations.

in the service

In the service, the core parts of the equipment sold two years warranty, other parts warranty for 1 year. after-sales service team 1 to 1 pre-sale after-sales consultation and technical support, 24 hours a day waiting, equipment commissioning staff within 48 hours Can be reached on-site maintenance. According to the plastic industry estimates, Qingdao Huashi Da Machinery Co., Ltd. The company of vacuum calibrating equipment in the word is to be on the top.