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What kind of heat shrinkable sleeve is good?

Nov 29, 2017

What kind of heat shrinkable sleeve is good?

Radiation cross linked polyethylene heat shrinkable sleeve is a special kind of industrial products, widely used in all kinds of plastic pipe and steel pipe construction.  The main function is anti-corrosion and sealing. For example, the pipeline's 3PE steel pipe joint  anti-corrosion, the steel pipe integral winding anti-corrosion, plastic pipe joint sealing (leakage proof).

Why is it product that is so far away and nearby us? Because the quality of product and construction of heat shrinkable sleeve is very relevant to our life, even our safety.

Take this example, on the evening of 12 March 2012, at 11:00 PM, a deep pit was found in the road surface of the Jinwan flower city road of jiangnan avenue in Nanning, Guangxi. The pit was about two meters long and about five meters deep. The main reason of the collapse of the road was that the buried water pipe was leaking, cause the bottom subgrade loose. The underlying reason was that the pipes were not sealed and leaky, so the soil around the pipes was loosened, and then the whole place collapses. No casualties were reported. This kind of thing is rarely seen in ordinary people, but it is a common occurrence in the industry. The reasons for this are common: first, the heat shrinkable sleeve is not qualified; Second, heat shrinkable sleeve construction does not meet the requirements. 


Radiation cross linked polyethylene heat shrinkable sleeve, the first thing we should focus is the quality of raw materials, which are polyethylene, irradiation and glue. Generally speaking, the back film material performance of heat shrinkable sleeve requires high breaking elongation, usually around 450%, and the tensile strength is greater than 17Mpa. Rubber softening point should be above 90 (according to different requirements, also have low temperature 60 said), the most important is the peel strength, according to the different steel, epoxy primer and polyethylene, numerical requirements are very different, but generally not less than 75 N/cm2. In appearance, good heat shrinkable sleeve should be no cracks and the eye of a needle, if be in heat shrinkable belt base material surface has a needle, even if less than 0.2 mm in diameter, in construction will be open a big hole, cause the quality accident.mmexport1510727930527水印.jpg

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