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3 Layer Fiber Reinforced Heat Shrinkable Tape Production Line

Aug 24, 2017

Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. heat shrinkable sleeve production line, the standard configuration, includes LDPE substrate extrusion production line, heat shrinkable tape coating production line, heat shrinkable sleeve processing equipment and auxiliary equipment. But if the customer has special requirements, such as It is necessary to enhance the function of the heat-shrinkable tape product and improve the tensile strength. It can be strengthened by adding glass fiber during the forming process of the heat shrinkable tape, that is, on the basis of the existing unit, the glass fiber unwinding equipment, the glass fiber heating and leveling equipment, 65/30 single screw extruder and special T-type flat head mold and other equipment. This production line can be a continuous formation of three layers fiber reinforced heat shrinkable tape.

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Heat shrinkable tape, it is best to use Huashida's advanced heat shrinkable tape production line, so that the usage of production line to the customer is simple, very stable operation, the quality of the products produced is also very stable, there will not affect the welding and anti-corrosion spots and stomata. The production process is to produce the substrate with the LDPE substrate extrusion line to meet the requirements of the quality standard, and then to the radiation control center of the specialized irradiation equipment, select the appropriate irradiation dose for radiation crosslinking, The material has a good fire resistance and strength. And then irradiated with a good substrate through the heat shrinkable tape coating production line, the glue work. This process requires a secondary stretching of the heat-shrinkable tape substrate to ensure that the finished product has a good shrinkage, and then, according to a professional experience of the company's unique formula, by the professional reaction of the fry glue and bonding with the substrate together, so that after the formation of the finished product with high-strength and high-quality.


And if the customer has special needs for the quality of the heat shrinkable tape, that is, the need to produce glass fiber reinforced heat shrinkable sleeve, the Chinese staff can provide customers with three layers of fiber reinforced heat shrinkable tape production line, that is, glass fiber reinforced shrink tape production line. This production line, equipped with a new extrusion system and host system, equipped with advanced reaction container. The production process is fast, good product rate, low energy consumption, efficiency greatly improved. The production line is developed by the Chinese staff, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, enhancing shrinkage strength of the shrinkage, tensile strength. Improve durability and corrosion resistance of the production technology has been a breakthrough. It’s the current domestic advanced and reliable main production line equipment, praised by domestic and foreign customers, especially the Russian customers favor a plus.