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Kazakhstan Customers Paid Much Attention To The Automatic Control System Of Huashida 3LPE Anticorrosion Operation System

Dec 28, 2018

Kazakhstan customers paid much attention to the automatic control system of Huashida 3LPE anticorrosion operation system


To keep the favorable position in Kazakhstan market, Kazakhstan customers ordered this 3LPE anticorrosion operation system, which is in leading position in Kazakhstan. The automation control is built into this 3LPE anticorrosion operation system in many aspects.  From steel pipe acid washing system, steel pipe preheating system , steel pipe shot blasting and rust remover system, the dust blowing system , cleaning equipment, to epoxy powder spraying and recycling system of electrostatic spraying gun, the steel pipe cleaning system and the circulating water cooling system of steel pipe spraying equipment are all controlled by computer program.Advanced technology and simple operation are conducive to improving labor efficiency and production efficiency, reducing the number of operating staff  and enterprises cost.



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