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Hua Shida HDPE PU Thermal Insulation Jacket Pipe Extrusion Production Machine Line development prospects

Jan 04, 2018

HDPE PU Thermal Insulation Jacket Pipe Extrusion Production Machine Line


Polyurethane insulation anti-corrosion equipment, Qingdao Hua Shida Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer of thermal insulation equipment, complete set of equipment to solve customer patchwork, technical cooperation between manufacturers is not good, affecting the use of the customer problems. Technician team from the beginning of your plant planning plant, a comprehensive set of affordable equipment program recommendations and comprehensive after-sales service for your preservation of anti-corrosion escort.


Patented technology, professional manufacturing!



Hua Shida HDPE PU Thermal Insulation Jacket Pipe Extrusion Production Machine Line development prospects:

Qingdao Hua Shida Machinery Co., Ltd. since 2003 into the plastics industry, especially in the plastic machinery and equipment industry, has been understanding and tracking of advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad, and continue to visit all over, collect customer feedback, through the team of experts After the collective discussion and research, further enhance the level of scientific and technological innovation, strive to overcome various drawbacks, make full use of the advantages of technological innovation and constantly eliminate backward production capacity. For example, in the production of heat-insulated pipes, it is trying hard to use advanced technology instead of backward technology, France technology to replace the inflatable technique. Therefore, Hua Shida based on high-end and cutting-edge technology research and development, developed the first use of vacuum sizing insulation pipe extrusion equipment technology manufacturing insulation pipe production line, will have a good development prospects, the future market share will be more To the larger, will be more and more welcomed by customers.

Hua Shida insulation pipe production line, the main extruder, nose, mold, vacuum sizing boxes, traction and other components. The machine head and the mold are made of high-quality mold steel. The temperature is controlled by the intelligent temperature control so that the mold melt reaches the expected dual mechanical and thermal uniformity. The sizing sleeve is made of tin bronze, which is of high quality and can withstand large friction. It has a good degree of smoothness, a high coefficient of friction resistance and a long service life. The overall structure is compact, stable operation, operation control, maintenance, debugging easy and reliable, reliable performance, the probability of failure is very low, with very high processing accuracy. It is precisely because the production line is composed of advanced and high-quality components, production line coordination and consistency has been greatly improved, the performance has been greatly improved, Qingdao Municipal Government, a special project, as a result of technological innovation enterprises To project promotion.

Hua Shida science and technology strength, operating credible, is recommended by the government departments integrity Shou contract enterprises, in the line has a high reputation, at home and abroad have accumulated a large number of loyal customers. Solid strength, good reputation, first-class products, quality service, complete package of complete production lines, solve customer patchwork, technical components manufacturers do not match, affecting the smooth use of the problem of customers. Hua Shida technical staff from the factory building plant customers planning, affordable equipment and a full range of equipment recommended comprehensive after-sales service for customers of the preservation of anti-corrosion escort. The company's work attitude of excellence and continuous improvement of innovative ideas will work hand in hand with our customers brilliant for a better future! And in line with the trend of insulation pipe production of insulation pipe production line, but also for Hua Shuda won the industry's dominant position, Huashi Shiyang Industrial Park has become renowned at home and abroad polyurethane insulation anti-corrosion equipment production base, Hua Shida has become The most professional insulation preservative equipment manufacturers.