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Due To The Stability And High Efficiency Of Huashida Pre-insulated Pipe Equipment Linyi Customer Said Take Time To Give Me One More

Oct 24, 2017

Due to the stability and high efficiency of Huashida pre-insulated pipe equipment

Linyi customer said take time to give me one more

On October 19, a large trailer of super-long extra-wide firmly was driven into the Qingdao Huashida chenyang Jin Ling industrial park, next to which is the Ф 1680 mm vacuum calibrating insulation pipe equipment. Huashida employees began to busily and orderly loading, first to twelve caterpillar tractor, the hauling machine length 3.6 m, traction range between 960 mm and 1680 mm of insulation pipe. Weighed 24 tons, the connector of the mould head and the extruder made of high quality alloy steel would be safely installed on the trailer. Then the cutting machine ranging from 960mm, 1054mm, 1155mm, 1372mm, 1680mm, and the pneumatic clamps composed of the 2000 planet cutter was installed in the end part of the trailer. After the three big parts were installed, the trailer was almost full, and the rest could only plug in small parts in the middle of the gap. And they were only half vacuum insulation pipe equipment parts, another one trailer to hold the vacuum cool tank and the extruder. This is the third Ф 1680 mm vacuum calibrating insulation pipe equipment to Linyi customer in two month.

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Speaking of Linyi customers being fond of Ф 1680 mm pre-insulation pipe equipment, was not without reason, because they tasted the economic and social benefits  Huashida equipment brought to them, so hurry Huashida  to take time to produce them the third one.