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The Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Production Line Developed By Huashida Expert Workstation

Aug 18, 2017

Owning the most complete industrial - China, today is a very mature experience in manufacturing heat shrinkable sleeve lines, and many are not manufacturers of high-tech enterprises. But 20 years ago, but it is a foreign country to China's technical blockade, with cutting-edge innovative technology, high-end plastic production line. At that time, Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd., organized a strong technical team, with the support of the local government, set up an expert workstation, cooperated with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, after a period of effort to solve many technical problems and research topics, with advanced technology level. By the company's own R & D and manufacturing the first generation of production lines, is still in normal operation, the production of heat shrink sleeve, is still the national quality products,  being recognized by more and more customers. Indicating that the company's production line quality is guaranteed, stable and reliable.


Now many manufacturers are in accordance with the Huashida Heat shrink tape production line configuration, as LDPE substrate extrusion line + heat shrink tape coating production line + heat shrinkable sets of processing equipment and ancillary equipment for the program equipped. That is, by the advanced LDPE substrate extrusion production line to meet the requirements of the substrate, and then by the professional heat shrink zone irradiation center to select the appropriate irradiation dose for radiation crosslinking treatment, the substrate has a good fire type and strength. On this basis, the irradiated substrate into the heat shrinkable tape production line, the glue work. This process requires a secondary stretching of the heat-shrinkable tape substrate to ensure that the finished product has a good shrinkage rate and then extruded from a professional reaction with a unique formulation of hot melt and bonded to the substrate. After the finished product peel strength is high.

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According to the special needs of special customers, that is, need to enhance the strength of heat shrinkable sleeve, the company has launched a glass fiber reinforced shrink tape production line, that is, on the basis of existing units, increased glass fiber unwinding equipment, glass heating and the whole Flat equipment, 65/30 single screw extruder and special T-type flat head mold and other equipment, this production line can be a continuous formation of three layers of fiber reinforced heat shrink zone, production speed, high yield, low energy consumption. The production line in the rapid development of Huashida, breaking the foreign technology to enhance the shrinkage strength of the heat shrinkage, tensile strength, improve the durability and corrosion of the production technology monopoly, is China's advanced and reliable production line equipment.


Shrinkable sleeve production line, low energy consumption, low noise, production speed control, high degree of intelligence. According to the actual production needs and market demand, can produce heat shrink tape, sleeve type heat shrinkable sets, card type heat shrinkable sets and other products. The production of heat-shrinkable tape and other products apply in the hollow wall pipe spiral pipe, steel spiral pipe, 3PE steel pipe and steel pipe, steel reinforced spiral corrugated pipe, double flat wall steel pipe, polyurethane foam insulation tube (black and yellow jacket Pipe), PVC-U sewage pipes and so on. Widely used in municipal pipelines, oil and gas pipelines and ordinary steel corrosion field.