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High Density Polyethylene Manufacturing Process

Dec 20, 2016

PE is most common production methods through slurry or gas processing method, there are a few solutions production. All these processes are made from vinyl monomers, a-monomer and catalyst system of olefin (may be more than one kind of compound) and the participation of various types of hydrocarbon diluent exothermic reaction. Catalysts for hydrogen and used to control the molecular weight. Generally stirred slurry reactor or a more general large circular reactor, in which the slurry can be recycled mix. When ethylene and copolymerization monomer (as needed) and catalyst of a contact form polyethylene particles. After deducting the diluent, polyethylene granules or powder was drying and dosing of additives, produce aggregates. Large reactor with double screw extruder modern production lines, producing PE40000 pounds or more per hour. Development of new catalysts for improving the performance of the new grade HDPE to contribute. Two of the most commonly used catalyst is Philip chromium oxide based catalysts and alkyl alumina catalyst of titanium compounds.