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Hollow Wall Spiral Pipe Line Delivery

Aug 10, 2017

  On August 1st, one 3 layers reinforcement hollow wall pipe extrusion line manufacturing for customers, after sufficient adjustment, produced qualified hollow wall pipe. Approved by customer, machines were carried on semitrailer under the grilled ground, towards to the customer’s factory.

    Three layers reinforcement hollow wall pipe extrusion line was developed by customers for large dimension drainage pipes. This line can either raise ring stiffness, gorgeous outlooks, or increase the production efficiency, lower the cost. Even production with recycled material, the pipe quality can be confirmed. The pipe exterior is smooth and interior don’t have blinster and spot, which can make the fluid no resistant quick move, reduce the corrosion caused by stagnate.

    Though many provinces are influent by typhoon, raining heavily, postpone the construction. But the drainage infrastructure bided by customers works amount, time tightly, mission emergently, demand DIMS1200 hollow wall spiral pipe urgently.  So the customers demand Huashida deliver the line ahead of schedule. The emotion can be understood, for winning the bid is not easy. The construction can not be affected by the pipe line fixed on time. So the whole summer, Huashida employee are being working over time, as shipping the pipe line to the customer punctually or advance. Through these days hard working, another line was delivered.

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