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Huashida Produce Hollow Wall Spiral Pipe Production Line Suitable For Plastic Inspect Chamber

Aug 15, 2017

Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the construction of hollow wall spiral pipe, from Ф110mm to Фmm3000 pipe can be produced, can meet the needs of customers.

This morning, introduced by a friend, a customer from Jilin Changchun went into the Huashida factory located in Chengyang Jin Sheng Road 69 Industrial Park, made a special trip to find the total understanding of hollow wall spiral pipe production line. Originally this customer would have wanted a bellows pipe production line, but because the bellows production line cost too much, has been unable to easily run the production line. They are mainly with the plastic inspection chambers, supporting the other like septic tanks, inspection well and rainwater storage, and the need for caliber is relatively large. But cost of a bellows production line is no less  one or two million up and down, but for the hollow wall spiral pipe production line, that is, as long as the investment with hundred thousand dollars can be, especially large diameter pipe, with hollow wall spiral pipe production line. It’s more cost-effective.

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Many well-known domestic pipe manufacturers have purchased the Huashida hollow wall spiral pipe production line, such as Kunming Pulton tube industry, Xinjiang Jinjiang industry, Zhejiang Shuanghuan industry, Changzhou Hippo plastic, Chengdu Baojing, Wuhan Jinniu, Jingmen Wanjin, Xi'an Yongkang. Huashida specializes in the new generation of hollow wall spiral pipe production line for plastic inspection wells. The pipes produced can be connected with the plastic inspection wells. From the mold to the calibrating of the precision of the upgrade, from the spiral machine to the multi-group pressure wheel to improve the level of technology, so that the entire production line of the technical content of a qualitative improve, to ensure that the production of pipe diameter and plastic inspection wells exactly the same, perfect connection.