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How To Weld Electro Fusion Belt On Metal Reinforced Corrugated Pipe With Good Water-proofing

May 10, 2017

How to weld electro Fusion belt on Metal Reinforced Corrugated Pipe  with good water-proofing ?


 Electro Fusion belt is a kind of HDPE pipe fitting where is widely used on anti-corrosion, especially on directly buried metal reinforced corrugated pipes connecting joint. Electro fusion belt is made by Polyethylene sheets complex with the electro-fusion wire. 


According to the pipe corrugated process, the peak valley width usually from 60mm to 80mm, the narrow tape welding the pipe joint along the cutting edges. To ensure better water-proofing, use the hand extruder welding the cutting edges inside of the large diameter pipe. Then the customer can choose radiation cross linked heat shrinkable sleeve to wrap the Electro fusion belt joint and heat it. Then the joint will have good joint with water-proofing.


Qingdao Huashida plastic Co., Ltd has manufactured electro fusion belt and radiation cross-link heat shrinkable sleeve since 2003. We have lots of experience in how to work with EF belt and heat shrinkable sleeve.

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