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​HuaShida Insulation Pipe Production Line Was Identified As The Two Integration Demonstration Project In Qingdao

Sep 29, 2018

HuaShida vacuum calibration insulation pipe production line was identified as the two integration demonstration project in Qingdao.

The information and industrialization integration project of the large caliber vacuum calibration polyurethane direct buried insulating pipe production line, which has been established by Qingdao Industry and Information Bureau, is independently undertaken by Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. It has been confirmed as a demonstration project of the integration of municipal high-end equipment manufacturing industry and given a positive financial award.

huashida insulation Jacket pipe PLC.JPG

Huashida customers in the use of the process in case of failure, Huashida can carry out remote "consultation" to help customers troubleshooting in a timely manner; through the computer system of self-service management system, customers can at any time accurately grasp the staff's feeding, operation, pipe passing rate, scrap rate; Through the comprehensive collection of the operation data of the insulation pipe production line, we can improve the performance of the equipment.

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