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HuaShida New Type Rubber Plastic Insulation Pipe Equipment Hold Strong Market Competitiveness

Nov 05, 2018

The new technology adopts multi-section super-long foaming furnace. With the change of foaming process, the chamber of the foaming furnace gradually increases. The temperature and air flow in each section of the furnace can be adjusted and controlled freely according to the process requirements. The total length is about 60 meters, which can realize high-speed production of pipes. Take the pipe with diameter of 20 as an example, it can produce 30 meters per minute. The pipe has uniform foaming, soft texture and excellent quality. The conveyor belt cutting method can realize multi-tube cutting at one time, tidy collection and release, reduce labor and save production costs.

Huashuda Plastic&rubber foma insualtion pipe machinery

rubber foma piperubber foma pipe

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