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Huashida Represents The Development Of The Three PE Anti-corrosion Pipe Line

Nov 30, 2017

Huashida represents the development of the three PE anti-corrosion pipe line

In the pipe rust and corrosion operations, the choice of what kind of production line to produce is very important. Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. since entering this area, has been engaged in technology intergenerational inheritance and innovation forge ahead. In the 3PE pipe production line manufacturing, adhere to technological innovation, and always grasp the pipeline anti-corrosion rust era of technology, rust-proof anti-corrosion technology in the forefront of the times. Such as customers 3PE anti-corrosion pipe production line to choose advanced rust removal and anti-corrosion technology will choose Huashida, and choose Huashida is the choice of advanced rust anti-corrosion technology. Always walk in the future direction of the development of high-performance equipment, a strong technical team support, continuous research and development of independent patent innovation backed by technology will be constantly in rust removal and anti-corrosion technology out of the new path.

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Customers visit out factory

Production range of 159mm-1600mm 3PE pipe production line is a winding mode of operation of steel pipe derusting machine and 3PE epoxy powder coating, the use of materials: FBE powder, binder, polyethylene. And to ensure that the surface can reach the surface of steel grade Sa2.5 high-power high-efficiency shot blasting device. 8-24 spray gun ranging from epoxy powder coating, for different diameter deployment, FBE spray evenly, the effect is good. Microcomputer control automatically adjust the coordination of various parts of the production line, professional PLC control system, intelligent centralized control, so that the control system can better provide the entire production line to provide coordination and consistency. More supporting high-speed shot blasting inside and outside the wall rust production line, high-performance electrostatic spraying production line, high-efficiency PE sheet extrusion lines, energy-saving wall coating production lines, so that customers want the performance have reached a satisfactory standard that processing power : 350 / h, cleaning grade: Sa2.5 level.

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