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The Features Of Huashida Rubber & Plastic Foam Insulation Pipe Equipment

Nov 26, 2018

Huashida's rubber and plastic foam insulation pipe equipment, its new technology is mainly reflected in the use of multi-section super long foaming furnace, the total length of about 60 meters, with the foaming process changes foaming chamber gradually increased, each segment The temperature and air volume in the furnace can be freely adjusted and controlled according to the process requirements, which can realize high-speed production of pipes.

Huashida flexible elastomeric foam insulation pipe machinery

For example, a pipe with a diameter of 20mm can produce 30 meters per minute. Huashida's new rubber-plastic foam insulation pipe equipment using vacuum adsorption process has the remarkable feature that the surface of the pipe produced by the main machine is smooth and the foaming holes are fine. The tube is foamed evenly, with soft texture and high quality. The belt cutting method can realize multi-tube one-time cutting, neatly retracting, reducing labor and saving production cost. The finished product not only has a good appearance, but also has the characteristics of small density and light weight. The production process is environmentally friendly, green, energy-saving and consumption-reducing, thus giving the product a strong market competitiveness. Many customers purchase Huashida equipment and their products have become a popular product in the market.

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