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Huashida Rubber&Plastic Foma Insulation Pipe Production Line Past The EIA Check

Nov 09, 2018

Huashida's rubber and plastic foam insulation pipe production line past the EIA check

Huashuda Plastic&rubber foma insualtion pipe machinery

After obtaining the HuShida design plan, Weifang customers quickly submitted an application for the EIA to the local government. The local government also organized environmental experts to carry out environmental reliability and feasibility evaluation of HuShida's production line design. They checked that Huashida's production line will not produce waste gas and waste water, and it is a production line without environmental pollution. After successfully passing the government's environmental assessment, Huashida immediately invested in the production of the production line, and will provide production lines to Weifang customers on time to ensure that customers can produce products on time. 

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