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Huashida Single Screw Extruder

Dec 03, 2018

Huashida single screw extruder

insulation jacket pipe machinery

The single screw extruder is an important part of the Huashida insulation pipe production line. The SJ series high-efficiency single-screw extruder developed by Huashida Company absorbs the most advanced technology from Germany and Italy and more than 20 years of industry practice experience. The screw design adopts special barrier BM type comprehensive mixing design.

This series of high efficiency single screw extruders has the following characteristics:

1. Low screw speed, high output, low speed and high efficiency

2. High-efficiency extrusion low-temperature melting Uniform melting, good plasticizing effect, unique cooling system and unique screw design ensure low-temperature plasticization of raw materials, high-speed extrusion

3. Threading and high-efficiency mixing section can ensure that the material is completely plasticized and evenly mixed.

4. It adopts digital instrument control, PLC programming control and PCC industrial tablet remote control to meet the needs of different users.