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Huashida 3PE Bend Pipe Anticorrosion Coating Equipment Is Serving In Client's Factory

Sep 07, 2018

Recently Huashida technologists visited client's workshop to guide and check our 3PE Bend pipe anticorrosion coating production line operating condition.

bend pipe ancorrosion wrap processing line.jpg

Anti-Corrosion in the form of  3PE is first layer epoxy, second is adhesive layer, the third is PE sleeve wrapping.

The equipment is with high efficiency of operation, make-up in one step, rapidly wrap well, smoth surface, wrap equably and strong adhesion.

anticorrosion bend pipe.jpg

Technological processes
Upload pipes→pipes screw conveyor→rust removal of intermediate frequency heating→Epoxy powder coating→outer layer soli quid & polyethylene coating→cooling spray→pipes screw conveyor→grinding pipes, send→unload pipes


Hushida 3PE anticorrosion& coating processing line is welcome in domestic an abroad market.

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Consultant: Diana Dong / Email: hsdc@qdhsd.com / Mobile:  008613963975523(Whatsapp)