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Large Diameter HDPE Drainage Hollow Wall Spiral Pipe Making Machine/Production Line

Apr 21, 2017
Basic Information:
  • Model NO.: HSD

  • Screw No.: Single-screw

  • Computerized: Computerized

  • Customized: Customized

  • Main Motor: Siemens

  • Pipe Diameter: 300-1200mm,800-2000mm,2200-3000mm

  • Specification: SGS

  • Product Type: PE Pipe

  • Automation: Automatic

  • Certification: CE, SGS, ISO9001:2008

  • Condition: New

  • Converter: ABB

  • Output: 320-420kg/H,240-600kg/H,300-650kg/H

  • Origin: Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China

Product Description of HDPE Hollow Wall Spiral Pipe Production Line/Making Machine

Application of HDPE Large Diameter Hollow Wall Winding/Coil Pipe:

It has been widely used for sewerage and drainage in city, it will replace the cement pipe, cast iron pipe and other pipes. Its low cost of assembling, easy operation, easy connection and economical construction can make it wide foreground and market potential.

HDPE Spiral Pipe Production Line Descriptions:

HDPE Hollow Wall Corrugated Pipe produced by this line have high stiffness, high brunt intensity, and low weight due to it's unique structure. In addition, it has many advantages such as good creep deformation resistance, outer pressure resistance, erosion resistance(such as acid, alkali and salt etc), long life of approximate 50 years. It has been widely used for sewerage and drainage in municipal, it will replace the cement pipe, cast iron pipe and other pipes.

HDPE Spiral Pipe Production Line Technical parameters:
ModelPipe Diameter(mm)Extruder Speed of forming Max. output

HDPE Spiral Pipe Production Line Advantages:

1.Huashida hollow wall winding pipe production line, from the mold design and manufacturing to the precision of the set to enhance the winding machine from the choice of multiple sets of pressure to improve the level of the process, so that the entire production line of technical content has been a qualitative leap, To ensure that the production of pipe diameter and plastic inspection wells well diameter of the same, perfect connection.

2.according to different regions, different specifications of the  customers of the different needs of the pipe customization. Also improved the structure and layout of the production line, the melt extruder and winding machine into one, to facilitate the installation and operation, saving space, greatly conducive to the customer's production site layout.

3.the production of hollow wall winding pipe with a rigorous requirements of the borehole diameter supporting size, with environmental protection, water saving, durable advantages, and plastic inspection wells can be perfectly connected together, so that sewage drainage More smooth. Not only the construction efficiency is improved, the labor cost is reduced, the management efficiency is improved, and the connection quality of the pipeline and the inspection well is obviously improved.