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Planetary Cutters Solve The Problem Of Thin-walled Pipe Cutting

May 21, 2018

Qingdao Huashida Machine Co., Ltd. developed a thin-wall pipe cutting machine device, on June 12 by the National Intellectual Property Patent Office issued a certificate of authorization.

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According to the reporter, the sawing machines on the market are all driven by hydraulic pressure. The thin-walled tube equipment cannot guarantee the cutting of the tubes in the center. If the side cuts are easy to deform the tubes and the cutting is not complete, the defect rate of the products is high. No longer meet the customer's need for quality improvement. However, the successful research and development of the thin-walled pipe cutting machine device by Huashida scientific and technical personnel has overcome the deficiencies in the existing technology. 

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Planetary cutters includes a body, a sawing motor, a screw drive mechanism, a large gear inner wire, and a moving motor. The sawing motor is installed on the upper part of the body. A slip ring is arranged on the body, and a clamping block is arranged on one end of the cylinder. The mobile motor is installed in the lower part of the body, and a speed reducer is installed on the main shaft of the moving motor, and the large gear is connected with the speed reducer through the chain. A gear wheel is arranged on the large gear, a motor is arranged on the outer side of the gear wheel, the motor is linked with the screw transmission mechanism through a living hinge, the saw blade is arranged on the screw transmission mechanism, and the screw transmission mechanism passes through a hinge point and A connecting rod is connected to the screw. A roller is installed on the body, and correction rollers are installed at both ends of the body. Two swivel rings are installed on the left and right sides of the device to ensure that the pipe is cut in the center, no uncontrollable error rate occurs, and the continuous pursuit of high-end quality products is satisfied.