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President Xi's APEC Summit Initiative“One Belt And Road” Help Huashida Pre-insulating Pipe Extrusion Line Go Abroad

Nov 17, 2017

President Xi's APEC summit initiative“One Belt And Road” help  Huashida pre-insulating pipe extrusion line go abroad

On November 9th APEC summit held in Da Nang, Vietnam. The topic of this APEC meeting is "create new power, create a shared future", how to mine development momentum to promote economic development in the asia-pacific and find business opportunities, became an important goal for business leaders. To continue the integration of regional economic integration and the connectivity of "One Belt And Road" is a high frequency word in their speech. The One Belt And Road initiative has become a hot word for the APEC meeting.

In his speech, President Xi talked about regional economic integration, APEC trade facilitation and other topics, and President Xi's explicit support for open development made the trend of tariffs and other issues clearer. Chairman Xi also told him about China's vision of the role of in the world economy, especially the role would play in the aspect of infrastructure construction and improve health care for the people in the region.

With the One Belt And Road's tailwind, the equipment of Huashida machinery co., ltd. go to sea abroad. This month two group of customers from Kazakhstan visited Huashida. As an important country on the silk road economic belt, Kazakhstan has a wealth of oil and gas resources, and the main source of China's west to east gas pipeline is from Kazakhstan.  Kazakhstan, sparsely populated, needs of oil and gas related equipments, which in China are inexpensive and on neighboring again, be the first choice of the Kazakhstan customer. At the end of October, customers inspect 3PE equipment and sign the contract on the spot. In November, customers will bring in two insulation pipes and two water supply pipe extrusion equipments and derust machine, and the customers were very satisfied to quality of the products.

mmexport1509173921914 - 600.jpg

Customers from Kazakhstan inspect 3PE production line

mmexport1510817888791 - 600.jpg

Customers from Kazakhstan inspect pre-insulating pipe extrusion line

Huashida paid attention to the details of insulation pipe equipment, the latest high efficient solid-liquid separation screw extruder, and extruder and reducer connected by shaft, the reducer brand Guomao and spiral mould, the motor power of the vacuum calibrating tank, all for the production, to ensure that the equipment can keep highly efficient and stable operation for a long time.

保温管设备细节 - 水印.jpg

1.shaft connection 2. water barrel 800mm 3.spiral mould 4.mouth mould

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