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Qingdao Huashida Three-layer Radiation Cross-linked Heat Shrink Sleeve

Jun 01, 2018

Qingdao Huashida Plastic Co., Ltd. has launched a three-layer radiation cross-linked heat-shrinkable sleeve that has been widely recognized by customers both at home and abroad. The structure and process are as follows: The inner layer is an epoxy primer coated on the surface, and the middle layer For the hot melt adhesive, the outer layer is an improved radiation cross-linked polyethylene substrate.

heart shrinkable closed sleeve.jpg

This three-layer combination, through chemical and physical process operations, is compounded by a radiation-crosslinking polyolefin substrate and special sealing hot-melt adhesives. Special sealing hot-melt adhesives and polyethylene substrates, steel pipe surfaces and solid epoxy coatings are available. A good bond is formed and the pipes are firmly bonded to the pipes and seams when connecting the pipes. The construction procedure is to heat, shrink the base layer of the shrink sleeve, and melt the glue layer. The tight shrinkage coats the joint and forms a firm and continuous anti-corrosion body with the original pipe anti-corrosion layer.

huashida heat shrink belt.jpg

This anti-corrosion body, like a highly qualified protection messenger, can make the pipe joints have corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance and photo-aging properties. Heat shrink sleeves with this property have proven to be superior in performance. Naturally, they are widely used in petroleum and natural gas industries for long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas pipe welding joints, and urban gas pipe network joints for corrosion protection, heating steel pipe joints for corrosion protection, and tap water pipe connections. Sewage and other fields.