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Guizhou State Plastic Purchasing Huashida Three Steel Spiral Pipe Equipments Succeeded Trial Once A Time

Aug 29, 2017

Guizhou State Plastic Science and Technology Pipe Co., Ltd. ordered emergently three 1200A and 1200C steel spiral pipe equipment from Qingdao Huashida, after a month intense processing and manufacturing by Huashida stuff, has been assembled in the near future. Under the overall supervision of State Plastic’s manager Shi, Huashida timely commissioned the factory test before delivery, equipment running in full compliance with the factory standard, produced the steel spiral pipe in line conforming to national quality standards, are quality products.


1200A and 1200C steel spiral pipe equipment, is a new generation of drainage pipe equipment. The Huashida developed steel spiral pipe equipment, is the first production of strip with the substrate, and then by the spiral machine hot melt welding, while around the steel strip, and finally over the molding. The production by the process of pipe’s ring stiffness high, forming fast, can effectively produce plastic sewage pipes. This kind of steel spiral pipe’s application is very broad, and there are  few manufacturers in the domestic market. The prospects are very promising, will greatly increase the market competitiveness of State Plastics.

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The three steel spiral pipe line for the State Plastic Company is very important, mainly because the steel spiral pipe sales prospects gratifying, the other is the Huashida manufacturing capacity relieves customers using the equipment, stable and reliable. so deliberately So that the general manager Mr.Shi come to Huashida for further communicate with each other, to discuss the next step to further expand the possibility of cooperation between the two sides. Mr. Shi always said that the branches of the whole country would continue selling a variety of plastic products and equipment, and Huashida's equipment is preferred.