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The Least Defective Coating System Is The FBE Extruded Polyethylene 3-layer Anti-corrosion System

May 16, 2018

The least defective coating system is the FBE/ extruded polyethylene 3-layer structure anti-corrosion system

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In view of the 3 PE coating occurred in domestic debate, medium oil engineering technology institute authorized by Beijing China oil and gas co., LTD., completed the "outside the shanxi-beijing gas pipeline corrosion protection study of 3 PE coating layer structure of the system safety assessment.

The study collected from foreign literature including Beijing China oil and gas co., LTD. 2001-2001 of pipeline external corrosion protection layer excavation and excavation inspection results of the analysis, as well as the shanxi-beijing pipeline in north China petroleum steel pipe deposited in the open air not use up 2 years and 6 years of 3 PE anticorrosion performance testing, the following conclusions:

At present, the application effect of anticorrosive coating at home and abroad is very good, and there are few reports of defects in its use.

Reported the main drawback of dew point, stripping, cathodic disbonding, cathodic protection shielding, stripping anticorrosive coating film of corrosion, etc., and most of the defect is reported in the theories about stage, such as the information mentioned in cathodic protection shielding problem, up to now have not on the actual operation of cathodic protection on the coating shielding the instance of the report.

After years of practice, the coating system with the least defect is FBE/ extruded polyethylene 3 - layer structure anticorrosion system.

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