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The Production And Characteristics Of The Krah Tube

Mar 29, 2017

The steel strip acts as a support structure so that the pipe has enough ring steel to resist the external load. The inner and outer wall polyethylene gives the pipe excellent water characteristics, strong internal and external corrosion resistance and moderate axial flexibility. Kela pipe sets of steel and plastic two kinds of materials in one, the quality of the combination of excellent performance.

As the carat pipe ring high rigidity, axial flexibility is good, so that the pipe system steel soft. When the occurrence of soil uneven settlement, groundwater floating, the local surface load is too large or earthquakes and other sudden loads and disasters, the carat pipe can be reduced by low-stress elastic deformation to avoid the connection due to bear too much stress and deformation Leakage or broken ring; and steel pipe, cast iron pipe or concrete pipe due to excessive steel to the above environmental conditions lead to deformation of the pipe, the pipe and the junction will cause excessive stress, easy to damage the pipe or connection Leak failure.

Kela pipe production method is simple, Kela pipe equipment has a certain mobility, for large projects can be produced near the site of pipe, greatly reducing the transport costs of pipe. The wear resistance of the PE pipe grade PE material is much better than that of ordinary metal or cement. Therefore, when the oil and steel pipe is used to transport the ore slurry, the high sediment concentration and the high content of particulate matter are in the sewage or rainwater. Life is much higher than other pipes.