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Three-layer PE Anti-corrosion Production Line In Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co.,Ltd.

May 16, 2018

huashida 3lpe anticorrosion production line.jpg


Three-layer PE anti-corrosion production line, technical parameters:

1. Scope of production: 159mm-1600mm.

Steel pipe derusting machine: high power high efficiency shot blasting machine ,surface level of steel pipe is greater than Sa2.5 grade.

Epoxy powder coating:The spray gun is used for 8-24, which is suitable for different pipe diameters. FBE is sprayed evenly and with good effect.

Control system: Professional PLC control system, intelligent centralized control.

2. processing capacity: 350 / h or less.

3. Cleaning level: Sa2.5 grade;

4. Materials used: FBE powder, binder, polyethylene.


Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co.,LTD will be the pioneer in making Three-layer PE anti-corrosion production line.

1. Microcomputer control automatically adjusts the coordination of each part of the production line;

2. High speed shot blasting equipment;

3. High-performance electrostatic spraying equipment;

4. Efficient PE sheet extrusion equipment;

5. Energy saving inner wall coating equipment;

We Know the era of a single product has ended, any product and equipment must be diversified, and behind this need is the innovative spirit of enterprise with high and strong technology research and development capabilities, and HuaShi is such an enterprise, technological innovation is the rhythm of The Times and HuaShi spirit, choose HuaShi is to choose the enterprise hope and future.