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May 15, 2018

                     TOP HOLLOW WALL WINDING PIPE PRODUCTION LINES IN CHINA                                           

Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. absorbs German advanced technology and works closely with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and South China University of Technology. It has developed and manufactured a complete unit with independent intellectual property rights—large-diameter hollow wall coiled tubing equipment. As one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe production lines, Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. has strong technical advantages and rich experience in installation and commissioning. The performance index of the hollow wall winding pipe production line produced by our company has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level. It can provide a large hollow pipe winding pipe production line with an extruder maximum diameter of 4000mm. The equipment can produce hollow wall winding pipe and mine anti-static gas exhaust pipe, using special pipe fittings (electric hot melt belt, heat shrink sleeve) connection, convenient connection, construction economy.


High efficiency single screw extruder
This equipment adopts PE/PP high-efficiency single-screw extruder. The extrusion part adopts the forced water-cooling feeding section. The barrel is slotted. The power consumption of the main drive motor is greatly reduced; the large aspect ratio screw (30-38:1) , It has strong adaptability to materials and excellent plasticizing effect. It can customize specially designed screw for customers to use recycled materials and add calcium carbonate.


Spiral forming machine

Adopt hybrid head, spiral rotation molding, exquisite structure, unique design, ensure high product quality



Control System

Germany Siemens professional PLC control system, intelligent centralized control.




Huashida  product  advantages

  • High-tech industry, leader in plastic extrusion equipment industry

German technology leading domestic

Green Key National Rubber and Plastics Laboratory Cooperation Unit

 Obtained 76 national patents

Annual production of more than 180 plastic extrusion lines

  • Energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency extrusion, intelligent control

 Forced water cooling in feeding section, slotted barrel, 20% increase in output

  Large aspect ratio screw, new direct connection technology, reduced energy consumption by 30%

  Intelligent water cooling system for reducer, saving water and electricity

  German Siemens PLC intelligent integrated control, saving manpower

Expert team escort after sales    

Service life/maintenance cost: Huashida equipment has no major overhaul for 5 years                   

One-on-one pre-sale consultation and after-sale technical support  .

Huashida hollow wall winding pipe production line are sent to all over the world


Foreign customers

The most advanced hollow wall tube production line equipment in China:

      180419094711.jpg     180419124340.jpg


Media reports

China National Building Materials News, China Chemical Industry News, Qingdao TV Station and other media reported Hua shida hollow wall winding pipe production line.


Company culture

Qingdao Huashida Annual Meeting & Huashida Factory Newspaper