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Top XPS Foamed Board Extrusion Line

Jun 26, 2018




OVERVIEW: Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd.  studied foreign advanced technology and develop XPS Foamed Board Extrusion Line according to international environmental protection requirements. This extrusion line adopts CO2 completely replaces the hydrogen fluoride blowing agent and truly realizes a non-fluorine foaming process. According to the different needs of customers, a variety of foaming agents can be shared, one machine has multi application. The central computer  control the entire progress automatically and the production process is intelligent. A number of technologies have obtained national patents, and the XPS polystyrene foam board production line has reached the international advanced level.

XPS board.jpg


XPS foam board

XPS Foamed Board, also named as expanded polystyrene extruded board (XPS for short)it is a kind of thermo insulation board made of polystyrene and foaming agent and extruded at high temperature.


Multi-group mixed distribution system
Computer controls the ratio of various raw material, use weightless accurate measurement, mixed materials with strict provision, use vacuum feeding system to ensure the stable delivery of raw materials. All these factors lay the foundation for high quality pipe production.



Extrusion system


The CO2 XPS extrusion system uses a parallel twin-screw extruder .the screw is block type structure, use different combination  to match material processing. The connection is special designed. the transmission device enhances the strength of the threaded element and the mandrel to get evenly material dispersion and well-mixed.


Cooling system

The cooling system applies precise proportional control , equipped with a high-power chiller to achieve the best cooling effect, meet the harsh requirements of the cooling system in the production process.




Supercritical CO2 foaming agent injection system

The supercritical CO2 foaming agent injection system adopts an all-inlet flow control system to precisely control the instantaneous volume flow and mass flow of the foaming fluid, and design a closed-loop control program to maintain the stability of the mass flow rate. The unique three-stage pressurized injection system maintains a stable CO2 liquid phase state, ensures the formation of a homogeneous system, and uses an automatic flow feedback control system to maintain the stability of the foaming agent flow.


Extrusion die, calibrating system

The extrusion die is based on the rheological characteristics of low temperature and high viscosity of PS physical foaming materials. T-type large manifolds and long sector area noses are used for pressure extrusion. The circulating system oil is thermostatically controlled and the PID intelligent temperature control modules form a closed-loop control system, which can accurately control the mold temperature within the process requirements. Molding system has bi-directional electric adjustable device, which achieve proportional control of low-resistance system material, double-sided shape.


Fixed length cutting and conveying system
On-line post-processing system, cooling formed products, automatic fix scale cutting, trimming, vertical and horizontal edge molding, automatic stacking, multi-point monitoring, automatic alarm, automatic packaging system.


Production flow chart of XPS Foamed Board Extrusion Line

Technical parameter


  Sheet Width

  Sheet Thickness

  Capacity (24h)

  Total Power





80-100 m 3


35m× 6m× 4m





180-250 m 3


43m× 6m× 5m



20-120mm,     20-50mm

300 m 3


80m× 8m× 5m