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Training Our Customers How To Use Heat Shrinkable Sleeve In Tehran

Nov 21, 2017

Training our customers how to use heat shrinkable sleeve in Tehran

On the morning of September 23, at 7 am, when we arrived in Iran, we received a telephone call from our customers and invited us to go to their factory to guide them in the construction of heat shrink tapes. Because of the serious traffic jam in Iran, 10 o'clock arriving at the hotel, the customer's car has been waiting in front of the hotel.

Customers ordered our thermal tapes and primers, but with a certain distance from the ideal result. We found out the problem about how to use the heat shrink tapes through our telephone and video communication. The day before the show in Iran, we took advantage of the gap in the exhibition, customers driving us to the their factory more than 100 kilometers away. Arrival time is 1:00 pm, manager Huang has not eaten, just got off and went straight to the workshop, braved the hot day on the scene with the heat shrinkable band. From the beginning of the heating pipe, carefully explained to the customer, who listened carefully, from time to time to raise technical problems. The original problem lied in the first customer heating temperature was not enough, more importantly, the flame temperature was too high when heating, resulting in local contraction too fast, the internal gas too late to discharge, causing wrinkles, scorched.


Baked contracted sets, the use of cooling time, the customer invited us to eat a sumptuous Iranian local lunch, and then to the nearby construction site, to see the heat shrink band in Iran, the oil country on-site applications. At the scene and the construction, technical staff conducted on-site exchanges, appreciation of our products. Time passed two hours, although not to test the required temperature and time, but because of time constraints, we still carried out in accordance with the standard peel strength test, meeting the test standards. If it can drop to the test requirements of 20 degrees and placed 7 days , the test data would be better.


Through this on-site training over the long run, we deepen our understanding and trust with our customers and they trust our technology and products.

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