3-layer Pipe Extrusion Line

3-layer Pipe Extrusion Line
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Anti-corrosive Coating Pipe Production Line 3-layer Pipe Extrusion Line

3-layer Pipe Extrusion Line allows to obtain the anticorrosive three-layer polyethylene/polyetylene coating, which consist of:Epoxy layer,copolymer layer (bonding agent),polyethylene/polypropylene layer.


The epoxy powder is a kind of thermosetting nontoxic coating, forming the high molecular weight cross-linking structure coating after solidifying, featuring good chemical anticorrosion and higher mechanical properties.The function of epoxy-powder bottom layer is to form continuous coating, providing excellent adhesion by agglutinating and solidifying the steel tube surface with good chemical resistance and cathodic disbanding resistance.The function of polymer adhesive is to agglutinate the epoxy powder before gelation, and to agglutinate the polyethylene top layer, which unites all three layers together.The three-layer PE process, with the epoxy powder coating as bottom layer, binding and bundling through polyethylene PE and adhesive, is widely used in anticorrosion of steel pipes at home and abroad, and applied to the oil pipeline and gas pipeline, as well as to the gas supply and water supply for civil use.


The coating is applied on steel pipes of diameters from 159 mm to 1420 mm and length from 6 m to 18 m.Properties of applied coatings comply with the following stan- dards:
EN-PN ISO 21809,DIN 30670,DIN 30678,NFA 49-710,EN-PN 10285.
The anticorrosive coating consists of the following layers:
Epoxy layer of minimum thickness of 80 μM,
Copolymer layer of minimum thickness of 250 μM,
Polyethylene layer of minimum thickness between 1,8 mm and

3,7 mm or polypropylene layer of minimal thickness between 1,8 mm and 2,5 mm.
"FERRUM" S.A.Manufactures coated steel pipes in diameter from 159 mm to 1420 mm and length from 6 m to 18 m.We provide coating services with reference to pipes delivered by our custo- mers.

Coating gradeCoating typeCoating thickness depending on the pipe outer diameter [mm]
159 - 273323,9 - 457508 - 559610 - 762813 - 1420
PolyethyleneN-n, S-n22,22,52,53
N-v, S-v2,72,93,23,23,7

Note:For the diameters over 1420 mm "FERRUM" S.A.Can make coating by polyethylene tapes acc.To DIN 30672 class B30, C30 and C50.

N-n, N-v coating with low density polyethylene (LDPE) or medium density polyethylene (MDPE) with regular n and reinforced v thickness
S-n, S-v coating with high density polyethylene (HDPE) with regular n and reinforced v thickness

Anticorrosive coating 3LPE/ 3LPP according to PN-EN ISO 21809-1 is composed of:
Epoxy layer of minimum 125 μM thickness,
Copolymer layer of minimum 150 μM thickness,
Polyethylene or polypropylene layer from 1,8 mm to 4,7 mm.

Layer thickness
C kg/mKlasa A1Klasa A2Klasa A3Klasa B1Klasa B2Klasa B3Klasa C1Klasa C2Klasa C3
15≤C ≤502,02,43,01,52,12,71,51,92,4
50≤C ≤1302,42,83,51,82,53,11,82,32,8
130≤C ≤3002,63,23,92,22,83,52,22,53,2
300 < C3,23,84,72,53,34,22,53,03,8

The coating manufacturing process consists of the following operations:
The surface blast cleaning to Sa 2 1/2 acc.To ISO 8501-1,
The electrostatic spraying of epoxy powder onto a heated pipe,
Wrapping a pipe with extruded copolymer,
Wrapping a pipe with polyethylene/polyetylene in continuous way,
Cooling the coating and dressing the pipe ends.
pipe.jpgAn extruded polyethylene coating has higher mechanical properties in comparison with cold applied polyethylene tape coating.Anti-corrosive coatings made of three-layer PE/PP are characterized by:
High mechanical strength,high adherence of the coating to the pipe,guaranteed long lastinganticorrosiveprotectionofundergroundpipelines for minimum 50 years,100% protection of weld zone of coated longitudinally and spirally welded pipes,suitability for bending of coated steel without damaging the insulation layer.

  Pipe Size(mm)                                             
Φ 1000-Φ 1200

Huashida Machinery, with over 14 years' experience, is one of the professional 3-layer pipe extrusion line manufacturers in China. Offering the customized service, we warmly welcome you to get the high qualified products from our factory.

suitable size 

  Pipe Size(mm)                                             
Φ 1000-Φ 1200