Huashida 159mm-1600mm 3 Layer PE Anti-corrosion Pipe Production Line

Huashida 159mm-1600mm 3 Layer PE Anti-corrosion Pipe Production Line
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Huashida 159mm-1600mm 3 layer PE anti-corrosion pipe production line

Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. in the production of 159mm-1600mm three-layer PE anti-corrosion pipe production line, is a larger diameter of the production line. The production of pipe is also a more widely used size, used on a larger scale in varieties of engineering construction, especially heat, gas, oil, through the three-layer polyethylene anti-corrosion, as the buried pipe outer protective layer being advanced, and its technology has been widely used in the domestic West-East gas and oil transmission pipeline, urban gas supply, water supply pipe for anti-corrosion.

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Three layer PE pipe anti corrosion protection line includes cover or spiral type. Generally small-diameter adopts coated 3PE, large-diameter spiral 3PE, which is currently improved by China Huashida advanced technology, mature, stable operation, low-cost production, but also summed up the countless anti-corrosion technology based on the successful development. The three-layer structure of epoxy resin, is a thermosetting, non-toxic coatings, curing after the formation of high-molecular weight cross linked structure coating, with excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties, especially wear resistance and adhesion good. Formation of the continuous coating and steel pipe surface direct bonding, has good chemical resistance and anti-cathodic disbondment properties; and the middle layer of adhesive reactive groups react to form a chemical bond to ensure that the overall coating at a higher temperature has good adhesion, is buried in the high quality anti-corrosion steel pipe coating. The middle layer is usually a copolymer binder, the main component is polyolefin, the currently widely used is a copolymer adhesive, three-layer PE anticorrosive coating can achieve a perfect combination of rust better to achieve preservation and preservation The role of performance. The polar part of the functional group of the copolymer adhesive reacts with the epoxy group of the epoxy primer to form hydrogen bonds or chemical bonds so that the middle layer and the bottom layer form a good bond. The non-polar ethylene part and the top layer polyethylene have good affinity, so the middle layer and the surface layer also has good bonding properties.

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Spiral PE layer system

Production range: 159mm-1600mm 3PE pipe production line, Huashida production line configuration can be applied to steel single FBE, double FBE, double PE, double PP and 3PE anti-corrosion operations. The production line includes steel pipe transmission system, surface treatment system, pipe dust removal system, pipe heating system, electrostatic spraying system, coating system, water cooling system, end cutting system, hydraulic and pneumatic system, testing system and electronic control system.

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Huashida Machinery, with over 14 years' experience, is one of the professional huashida 159mm-1600mm 3 layer pe anti-corrosion pipe production line manufacturers in China. Offering the customized service, we warmly welcome you to get the high qualified products from our factory.