Heat Shrinkable Joint

Heat Shrinkable Joint INTRODUCTION PE Heat Shrinkable Joint(sleeve) is composed of cross-linked polyethylene back and special heat melt adhesive. Heat melt adhesive has good bonding with PE back, steel pipe and Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE layer). By heating PE back shrinks, adhesive layer melts, and closely wraps around pipe joints, then it forms together with FBE a firm and continuous anti-corrosion body. It is resistant to corrosion, wear, impact, UV and aging, easier to be operated. Wraparound products Application area: It is mainly used for wrapping around pipe, anti-corrosion of kinds of pipe joints, and repairing pipes. For example: Oil and gas pipe, PU insulation pipe, 3PE/2PE steel pipe.

Product Details

Heat Shrinkable Joint

It is a kind of connecting pipe fitting what is widely used on anti-corrosion, especially on Directly buried pre-insulated pipes field joint. It is made by Polyethylene sheets complex with the electro-fusion wire.
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1. According to the pipe corrugated process, the peak valley width usually from 60mm to 80mm, the Narrow tape welding the pipe joint along the cutting edges.
2. Because of various of restrictions, can not guarantee the airproof capability after the pipe joint welded.
3. The best way to weld the joint should use the Hand extruder welding the cutting edges inside of the pipe first, the use the narrow tape welding it from outside.


1. Waterproof;
2. Able to withstand axial forces initiated by axial movements of the pipe in the ground;
3. Able to withstand radial forces and bending moments;
4. Able to withstand effects of temperature and temperature variations.
5. Have the same thickness of the line pipe insulation layer

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NOText Item Unit


Text Result

Text Method

Back Material
1Tensile Strength MPa1719.47ASTM D638
2Elongation%400626ASTM D638
3Vicat Softening Point ºC9092ASTM D1525
4Brittleness Temperature ºC<-65<-65ASTM D2671C
5Dielectric Strength MV/m2533.13ASTM D149
6Volume Resistivity Ω.m1*10131.1*1013ASTM D257
7Environment Stress Crack h1000>1000GB/T1842
Chemical resistance (7d)10% HCITensile strengthMPa85104.9ASTM D638
Elongation%8596.3ASTM D638
10% NaAHTensile strengthMPa85102.1ASTM D638
Elongation%8595.6ASTM D638
10% NaCLTensile strengthMPa85108.3ASTM D638
Elongation%8594.1ASTM D638
9Thermal aging (150ºC,168h)Tensile strengthMPa1420.7ASTM D638
Elongation%300630ASTM D638


Text ItemUnitPerformanceText ResultText Method
Softening Point              ºC ≥9090.1ASTM E28
Brittleness Temperature              ºC<-15<-15ASTM D2671C
Lap Shear             MPa≥1.01.5ASTM D1002
Peel Strength
 Steel       N/cm≥70145.6ASTM D1000
 Primer      N/cm≥70205.9ASTM D1000
 PE Layer   N/cm≥70190.0ASTM D1000

NON-Solvent Epoxy Primer

Text ItemUnitPerformanceText ResultText Menthod
Shear of cured perimerMPa≥5.012SY/T0041