PE Electric Melt Girth Welding Closure Sleeve

PE electric Melt girth welding closure sleeve is reinforced polyethylene spirally corrugated / 008613963975523 (whatsapp)

Product Details

It is a kind of connecting pipe fitting what is widely used on anti-corrosion, especially on Directly buried pre-insulated pipes field joint. It is made by Polyethylene sheets complex with the electro-fusion wire.

1. According to the pipe corrugated process, the peak valley width usually from 60mm to 80mm, the Narrow tape welding the pipe joint along the cutting edges.
2. Because of various of restrictions, can not guarantee the airproof capability after the pipe joint welded.
3. The best way to weld the joint should use the Hand extruder welding the cutting edges inside of the pipe first, the use the narrow tape welding it from outside.

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1. Waterproof;
2. Able to withstand axial forces initiated by axial movements of the pipe in the ground;
3. Able to withstand radial forces and bending moments;
4. Able to withstand effects of temperature and temperature variations.
5. Have the same thickness of the line pipe insulation layer.

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Metal reinforced polyethylene spirally corrugated pipe diameterSize Length× Width× Thickness
DN6002184× 50× 7
DN7002197× 50× 7
DN8002850× 60× 7
DN9003200× 60× 7
DN10003500× 60× 7
DN11003650× 60× 9
DN12004030× 70× 9
DN13004432× 70× 9
DN14004750× 70× 9
DN15005000× 70× 9
DN16005287× 70× 9
DN18005915× 70× 9
DN20006542× 70× 9

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