PE Electro Fusion Tape EF Band For Steel Reinforced Spirally Corrugated Pipe.

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PE Electro Fusion Tape For Steel Reinforced Spirally Corrugated Pipe.

Sturcture of EF Band
HDPE sheets embed with nicochrome net by heating. 

Connection of Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes. 

1. The EF band are specially cut in to narrow piece to fit for trough of wave of SRCP, EF band is welded along with cutting edge of two pipes, ensuring strenght of joint. 

2. EF band is made by the same material as that of SRCP, the same material and melt flow rate ensures good result of sealing.

3. EF band is light and could be easily operated by setting parameters on adjstment instruments. 

We can support with our customers two connection methods of SRCP, 
1. " Inside welding, outside EF band"
2. " Inside welding, outiside HSS",regarding information of heat shrink sleeve connection, we will introduce it separately in other chapter. 

"Inside welding, outside EF band" means from inside of pipes, we use hand extrusion welder (For its more information please contact me) to weld seam of two pipes; here we talk about big pipes that workers can come inside, for small pipes, no need weld from inside. From outside we use EF band to melt connect it. 

Note: For more detailed operation user manual, please contact me at
Mobile:+86 15505326195

1. Waterproof;
2. Able to withstand axial forces initiated by axial movements of the pipe in the ground;
3. Able to withstand radial forces and bending moments;
4. Able to withstand effects of temperature and temperature variations.
5. Have the same thickness of the line pipe insulation layer.

Metal reinforced polyethylene spirally corrugated pipe diameterSize Length× Width× Thickness
DN6002184× 50× 7
DN7002197× 50× 7
DN8002850× 60× 7
DN9003200× 60× 7
DN10003500× 60× 7
DN11003650× 60× 9
DN12004030× 70× 9
DN13004432× 70× 9
DN14004750× 70× 9
DN15005000× 70× 9
DN16005287× 70× 9
DN18005915× 70× 9
DN20006542× 70× 9