HDPE Solid Pressure Pipe Extrusion Line For Water And Gas Supply (315-630mm)

HDPE Solid Wall Pipe Extruder is composed of single screw extruder and corresponding auxiliaries, can produce all kinds of small diameter HDPE plastic pipes continuously. It also can be used to produce PS, PP, HDPE plastic pipes after change the mould. HDPE plastic pipe is widely used for liquid conveying in agricultural, chemical industry, construction industry, etc

Product Details

HDPE Solid Pressure Pipe Extrusion Line for Water and Gas Supply (315-630mm)

This pipe extrusion line mainly includes single screw extruder, molds, vacuum calibrating water tank, spray water cooling tank, haul-off machine, cutting machine and bracket.

Plastic Pipes produced by this line have excellent stiffness, flexibility, high mechanical strength, resistance of environmental stress cracks, resistance to creep deformation, heat-linkage and so on. It has become the first choice for the city gas pipe, water supply pipe, foundation pipe, landfill collection pipe, watermain, geothermal heating etc.

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1Automatic Vacuum Feeder and dryer1 set
2SJ-120/33 high efficiency Single Screw  extruder1 set
3Co-extrusion die mould(315,400,450,500,630 mm)6 sets
4SJ-25/25 marking line extruder1 set
5SRQJ-630 6m vacuum calibrating stand2 sets
6SRQJ-630 5.5m spray cooling flume2 sets
7SRQJ-630 6 caterpillar pulling machine1 set
8SRQJ-630 planetary cutting machine1 set
9SRQJ-6000 stacker1 set
10PLC (Siemens ) central control system  1 set

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