Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Production Line

Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Production Line
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The sheet extrusion line is the most complete, high performance, reliable sheet lines. We offer it as complete systems in size  65/30 extruder, to produce what  the capacity you need.

RS-800 Basic film extrusion line equipments as below:

1.single screw extruder with driving motor
2.flexible lip T-die
3.three roller calenders
4.cooling bracket
5.hauling off unit


TJ-700 adhesive mixing and coating line:

1 Unpowered uncoil device

2 Basic film drawing mill

3 Reactor

4 Adhesive coating mold group

5 Cooling water tank

6 Haul-Off Unit

7 Coiler platform

The sheet extrusion line can be equipped with the PLC/PCC control system, the specially design screw for HIPS, PP, and PET.

Feature of the sheet extrusion line:

High grade alloy structural steel ( 38CRMOALA) made material barrel& screw and mould, after nitriding treatment. It gets high hardness, corruption and long service life. Choice T-die the flowing passage is designed for easy flowing of the hout any detaining, and the product thickness is even, For the calenders, large conical slot is designed, the cooling quality inside the roller is good, and the temperature synchronization.

 (Three rolls calendar)  three hard surface polishing rolls with flawless mirror chrome plating, designed for the highest efficiency heat transfer. Each roll is equipped with an individual, built-in, high volume pressurized water temperature control system. Each roll speed can be adjusted to ensure  to fit different thickness of the sheet.

The sheet take-offs also includes two shaft winder.

Each lines include an edge trim system. The sheet extrusion can produce sheet chart as below:


Sheet Width

Sheet Thickness


Total Power



Max. 800mm




18× 2× 2.5


Huashida Machinery, with over 14 years' experience, is one of the professional heat shrinkable sleeve production line manufacturers in China. Offering the customized service, we warmly welcome you to get the high qualified products from our factory.